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  • profilowanie biznesowe due diligence wywiad gospodarczy – Paulo
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  • media społecznościowe socjogramy powiązania preferencje – Paulo
  • porady psychologiczne pomoc kryzysowa analiza zachowań – Paulo
  • rozwiązywanie problemów strategie burza mózgów – Paulo
  • analizy psychologiczne wywiadowcze profilowanie psychografologia – Paulo
  • negocjacje mediacje dane osobowe bezpieczeństwo informacji – Paulo
  • pomoc ofiarom przestępstw zwalczanie nadużyć odszkodowania – Paulo


We offer professional intelligence analysis from several versions – from the basic to the most advanced:

basic report

commercial intelligence

legal due diligence

legal & psychological business profiling - 3PB

enhanced personal management - EnPerMan-Pro

profiling, competitive intelligence, due diligence,


In the light of the well-established case-law, information in our analysis, can be useful in judical cases, whether civil, criminal and administrative.

Due to the importance of the information provided by us and the intention to maintain the existing 100% accuracy, we especially care about the quality of our advanced intelligence analysis. We prepare them scrupulously, in the manner most useful to each customer.

We rely on the data:

lawfully obtained from official sources and from advanced analyses - by 360 ° method

verified and not simply copied from other documents


developed by experts with years of experience

Especially we recommend our advanced intelligence analysis: legal due diligence and legal & psychological commercial profiling 3PB.

LEGAL DUE DILIGENCE is an advanced analysis of the due diligence for legal aspects of organizations. Makes it special, that our experts collect and verify the information and bear responsibility for their accuracy and reliability and use of the most modern in Poland and constantly updated specialized software. In addition, the summary of our legal due diligence analysis includes special recommendations, including legal advice, as well as for corporate security.

LEGAL &PSYCHOLOGICAL BUSINESS PROFILING, Polish in short 3PB is the most advanced commercial intelligence analysis (i.e. extended legal due diligence), deepened of psychological analysis of organization and its potential, strategic information and forecasts, as well as the vulnerability assessment and resilience test to threats. In the 3PB analysis we also prepare drafts of agreements and documents, also the pleadings and the policies, procedures and regulations. In addition, on request, we conduct negotiations and mediation with clients and debtors.

LEGAL &PSYCHOLOGICAL BUSINESS PROFILING 3PB is our own advanced commercial intelligence project, innovative, deepened psychological company analysis. We created it in 1999 as the first and only company in Poland and use it successfully for the last 14 years.

ENCHANCED PERSONAL MANAGEMENT - EnPerMan-Pro, is our next project to 3PB, created in response to the needs of customers who wants to protect themselves from improper behavior in organization, such as fraud, corruption, stealing information, unfair competition, etc.

Our intelligence analysis, especially advanced, offer help in:

making extremely accurate business decisions

safe conclude of contracts

safe investment of funds

optimization of costs and personnel management

successful carrying out restructuring changes

safe conduct of mergers and acquisitions

conduct effective negotiations and mediation

prevent or minimize the damage caused by natural disasters or man-made disasters

getting insurance discounts and in the case of a loss event - easy to obtain a compensation

prevent or minimize the losses caused by dishonest contractors and debtors

compiling the documents required in litigation, arbitration, mediation and regulatory matters

appropriate responding to the actions of competitors

obtaining a competitive advantage

faster development of the organization.

Because we always take into account the needs of our customers and the degree of complexity of the problem presented , the prices of services are individual. For some services, it is possible to pay a flat or hourly rate. For long-term cooperation - a monthly subscription.

Quality makes us unique. So if you are looking for solutions ... WE GIVE YOU ANSWERS.

You are welcome!

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