• doradztwo prawne psychologiczne bezpieczeństwa – Paulo
  • profilowanie biznesowe due diligence wywiad gospodarczy – Paulo
  • porady prawne lobbing compliance – Paulo
  • media społecznościowe socjogramy powiązania preferencje – Paulo
  • porady psychologiczne pomoc kryzysowa analiza zachowań – Paulo
  • rozwiązywanie problemów strategie burza mózgów – Paulo
  • analizy psychologiczne wywiadowcze profilowanie psychografologia – Paulo
  • negocjacje mediacje dane osobowe bezpieczeństwo informacji – Paulo
  • pomoc ofiarom przestępstw zwalczanie nadużyć odszkodowania – Paulo

We launched PAULO consulting firm, combining profiles the two companies: estabilished in 1990. and licenced by Ministry of Interior - Blankom Ltd. and established in 2003. business consulting company - Paulo Research.

In addition to the direction of education received the most distinguished professors in the Faculties of Law, Administration and the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw, confirmed by scientific scholarships and prizes - including Ministry of Education in 1999., Over many years we have gained a wealth of experience at work for Polish and international companies on the financial sector, IT, BPO, HoReCa and FMCG, law enforcement agencies, law firms and detective agencies and local government units, associations and foundations.

Among our accomplishments are: advanced intelligence analysis - 3PB and EnPerMan-Pro - method of predicting and preventing improper behavior in organizations, especially the fraud - carried out since 1999, for investors in Poland and in Europe, and the innovative use of profiling projects and expertise on legislation in the field of security, prevention and fighting the crime in the country, including legislative proposals. We conduct lobbying activities in the legislative process at number 283 in the register of the Ministry of Administration and Digitization. With NATO Commercial and Government Enitity certificate number 2424H, we address the offer especially to the defense an security sector.

Our experts are the authors of criminological and psychological researchers and the first on the Polish Internet websites with interactive psychological advice since 1998 and advice in the field of business and personal security since 1999. They are also members and founders of associations helping victims of crime. They are also the members the European Association of Psychology and Law, Association of Forensic Psychologists in Poland, American Society for Industrial Security and the National Association for the Protection of Classified Information.

Over a number of years of joint experience, combining a unique, comprehensive and complementary way towards law, psychology and security, we have gained customers recognition award in helping them in difficult, and sometimes even "unsolvable" cases.

We use the most advanced and constantly updated, professional legal information systems and business and social network relationship analysis software.

We have always acted in accordance with the law and professional ethics, on the basis of mutual trust and the individual needs of our clients.

Quality makes us unique. So, if you are looking for solutions ... WE GIVE YOU ANSWERS.

You are welcome!