• doradztwo prawne psychologiczne bezpieczeństwa – Paulo
  • profilowanie biznesowe due diligence wywiad gospodarczy – Paulo
  • porady prawne lobbing compliance – Paulo
  • media społecznościowe socjogramy powiązania preferencje – Paulo
  • porady psychologiczne pomoc kryzysowa analiza zachowań – Paulo
  • rozwiązywanie problemów strategie burza mózgów – Paulo
  • analizy psychologiczne wywiadowcze profilowanie psychografologia – Paulo
  • negocjacje mediacje dane osobowe bezpieczeństwo informacji – Paulo
  • pomoc ofiarom przestępstw zwalczanie nadużyć odszkodowania – Paulo


We offer professional legal advices and consultations:

for business customers:

legal due diligence and business profiling - 3PB
compliance audit
creation of policies, procedures and internal regulations in relation to personal data protection and business security according to binding regulations, norms, standards and "best practices"
support in the creation of the position or in acting as an Information Security Administrator/Privacy Officer

identification of hidden defects for an investment at the stage prior to the contract signing during its implementation and in connection with legal proceedings
inquiry and analysis of claims
identification of limitation on the use of law and lobbying in the legislative process:
- monitoring of the legislative process
- creation of legislative initiatives and proposals for legal solutions - the provisions in the legislation
support in combating violations of intellectual property rights and unfair competition

for housing communities and cooperatives:

drafts of statutes, rules, regulations, resolutions

writing letters and opinions

for individual customers:

assistance in criminal matters, in particular: road accidents, medical errors, frauds, threats, slander and protection of information

assistance in civil matters, in particular: breach of private rights , contracts and relationships between debtor and creditor

Support in dealing with public authorities

Preparation of pleadings

Concepts and solutions using criminology, forensics and forensic psychology and victimology

We use the most advanced and constantly updated, professional legal information systems

Over the 20 years we worked with law firms, companies of various industries and the security sector, we participated in the research of road accidents, including fatal, and other investigations and inquiries.

Because we always take into account the needs of our customers and the degree of complexity of the problem presented , the prices of services are individual.

For some services, it is possible to pay a flat or hourly rate, for long-term cooperation - a monthly subscription.

Quality makes us unique. So if you are looking for solutions ... WE GIVE YOU ANSWERS.

You are welcome!