• doradztwo prawne psychologiczne bezpieczeństwa – Paulo
  • profilowanie biznesowe due diligence wywiad gospodarczy – Paulo
  • porady prawne lobbing compliance – Paulo
  • media społecznościowe socjogramy powiązania preferencje – Paulo
  • porady psychologiczne pomoc kryzysowa analiza zachowań – Paulo
  • rozwiązywanie problemów strategie burza mózgów – Paulo
  • analizy psychologiczne wywiadowcze profilowanie psychografologia – Paulo
  • negocjacje mediacje dane osobowe bezpieczeństwo informacji – Paulo
  • pomoc ofiarom przestępstw zwalczanie nadużyć odszkodowania – Paulo


We offer professional psychological counseling and consultation to businesses and individual customers:

help with psychological problems in general life,
help with the psychological trauma and emergency situations, in particular:
serious health problems
emotional disorders and social maladjustment
relationships and conflicts of family, marriage and partnership at work
mobbing and stalking
professional burnout and lack of motivation
help the victimized persons
investigation using diagnostic tests and questionnaires
diagnosis of verbal and nonverbal behavior, particularly a dishonest behavior and lies
handwriting analysis and psychographology
support in the selection and recruitment
psychological preparation for interviews and competitive talks
mediation, negotiation
behavioral analysis of the organization
psychological evaluation of the potential and threats
coaching and training

business profiling –3PB

We offer psychological help, advice and consultation to the customer in a discreet and the most friendly way. With many years of experience and cooperation with law firms, corporations and hospitals, foundations and associations, as well as vocation and passion - we understand people, their various needs and complex problems.

Our approach to customers is professional and always with a smile and kindness.

We invite you to take advantage of our online psychological counseling, which we specialized and successfully offer as the first in Poland since 1998.

Because we always take into account the needs of our customers and the degree of complexity of the stated problem ,we price the advice individually.

For some of advisory services it is possible to pay a flat or hourly rate, for long-term cooperation - a monthly subscription.

Quality makes us unique. So if you are looking for solutions ... WE GIVE YOU ANSWERS.

You are welcome!