• doradztwo prawne psychologiczne bezpieczeństwa – Paulo
  • profilowanie biznesowe due diligence wywiad gospodarczy – Paulo
  • porady prawne lobbing compliance – Paulo
  • media społecznościowe socjogramy powiązania preferencje – Paulo
  • porady psychologiczne pomoc kryzysowa analiza zachowań – Paulo
  • rozwiązywanie problemów strategie burza mózgów – Paulo
  • analizy psychologiczne wywiadowcze profilowanie psychografologia – Paulo
  • negocjacje mediacje dane osobowe bezpieczeństwo informacji – Paulo
  • pomoc ofiarom przestępstw zwalczanie nadużyć odszkodowania – Paulo


We offer professional security services, advices and consultations:

Security and safety audits
vulnerability and resilience assessment to the internal and external threats, including in terms of business continuity
investigative audits and analysis in matters of fraud and corruption, including frauds in sickness, in marketing actions and by thefront companies
support the protection of business secrets and personal data
create internal documentation of policies, procedures, regulations, rules, standards, guidelines, concepts and projects for physical and technical security and create information, with particular emphasis on the protection of personal data, Incident Management and Business Continuity and Food Defense
preparing for ISO 28000 certification audits and AEO certificate
analysis and solutions of security, including proactive use of IP video surveillance systems
analysis, designing and implementation of object identification technology
support in the management of incidents and crisis communication, with particular emphasis on social media

instructing in crisis and anti-assault matters, with particular emphasis on companies in the financial sector and personal data protection issues and the company confidentiality.

In terms of the wider business security we have been operating for 23 years. In 1999 we created the first Polish website with advice and forecast for corporate and personal security. Our experience and commitment made us specialized in an unusually wide range of security services, achieve success, and gain many satisfied customers.

Because we always take into account the needs of our customers and the degree of complexity of the problem presented , the prices are set individually.

For some services, it is possible to pay a flat or hourly rate, for long-term cooperation - a monthly subscription.

Quality makes us unique. So if you are looking for solutions ... WE GIVE YOU ANSWERS.

You are welcome!