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PAULO is an expert consulting company for the discerning business customers, private and public sector.
We specialize in professional consulting and analytical services. As the only company in Poland uniquely combining the deep knowledge and extensive experience in the fields of law, psychology and security, gained at work in global corporations and Polish companies from the financial industry, BPO, IT, FMCG, HoReCa and private policing as well as public administration.
We offer among others:

proprietary, highly effective project of advanced intelligence analysis: legal - psychological business profiling 3PB
method EnPerMan-Pro - to predict the unethical and violate the law behavior and to influence on it, and in order to prevent it or minimize the negative effects of these behaviors.
legal due diligence
compliance audit, ISO 28000 and AEO audit as well as development of internal security policies and procedures
security audits and investigations, especially in cases of fraud, counterfeit and other cases of intellectual property protection)
risk analysis in planning and investing in real estate using the our own National Risk Map, containing, inter alia informationon areas at risk of flooding, hurricane winds, earthquakes, protected by law areas, etc. (recommended to owners, investors andinsurers)
protection of information and personal data
behavioral designing of proactive security systems
legal assistance and psychological counseling
psychographology analysis
and more ...

We are also lobbying in the legislative process.

In addition, in cooperation with our Polish and foreign business partners, we offer innovative, interdisciplinary business and technology solutions, including collection management, proactive electronic security systems and objects identification. We also help Polish businesses in establishing contacts with companies in the United States and the development on the U.S. Market and foreign companies looking for Polish partners and market research in Poland.

Our strategic Partner Strategic Solutions Integrated, Inc. (SSI) based in Arlington, Virginia, USA provides a broad range of consulting expertise to key federal agencies within the United States (Defense, Homeland Security, Health, Interior, Energy, Commerce, etc.), companies in many industries , NGOs and academic communities. SSI with access and connections within Washington, D.C. offers a broad range of support for our Customers, from advice in dealing with the public sector and commercial support in the development, to consulting on security, discovery and integration of innovative technologies which impact key sector across both commercial and public interests.
As part of the SSI Inc., team, PAULO provides highly accurate, comprehensive and reliable analysis including legal due diligence, compliance research with legal requirements, market research, and search and analysis of the property as well as advanced software for integration and analysis of data and information and their mapping, solutions in the Biosurveillance area (TaCBRD program), and innovative space technologies.

We also offer: The most powerful camouflage: Natural Adaptive Camouflage System - CamoBands™

With certificate NATO Commercial and Government Enitity, number 2424H, our offer is targeted especially for defense and security sector.

Our business is based on confidentiality, discretion, trust and personalized approach to Customer.

Quality makes us unique. So if you are looking for solutions ... WE GIVE YOU ANSWERS.

You are welcome!

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